Detective Dak

Bio: In the grimy, overpopulated streets of New Cluster, technology has replaced God and humanity might soon be replacing rats. Hundreds years or irresponsible nuclear power use have left the city isolated and trapped behind a ring of impassable radioactivity. Into this violent urban wasteland enters the Skinjumpers. These are the misfits made perfect through passing their consciousness into the clones of whatever or whoever it is they desire. They can live forever, have perfect bodies, delve into any desire they have imagined, or commitment anonymous crimes. Skinjumping had been made illegal and Detective Dak has been placed in charge of the task force designed to stop these new breed of criminals. But he has one huge problem—he is dating one of them. Michael D. Griffiths Author Bio Michael D. Griffiths is a man who likes to keep busy. He loves camping in the wilds of Arizona and all over the west, playing poker, and debating such topics as mysticism, creativity, anarchy, and punk rock. He was awarded first place in Withersin’s 666 writer’s contest. He has become the Marketing Manager for Abandoned Towers. He is on the staff of The Daily Discord, Innsmouth Free Press, and The Noise magazines. His Skinjumper Series has been chronicled in M-Brane magazine and has now been released in a new novel. The Living Dead Press has published his series, The Chronicles of Jack Primus and Eternal Aftermath. The first novel in his Warriors of Light series, Dalsala Den, has recently been released by Cyberwizard Publications. Find out more here: http://michaeldgriffiths.wordpress.com

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